Application of Stainless Steel Welding Wire

Method / step:1、 Fusion welding:

It is a method to heat the weldment joint to the molten state and complete the welding without pressurization during the welding process. Under the condition of heating, it enhances the atomic kinetic energy of metal and promotes the mutual diffusion between atomsWhen heated to the melting state to form a liquid molten pool, the atoms can be fully diffused and in close contact. Therefore, after cooling and solidification, a firm welded joint is formed (ice can be used as an analogy). Common are gas welding

Arc welding, electroslag welding and gas shielded welding all belong to fusion welding methods.2、 Pressure welding:

It is a welding method in which pressure (heating or no heating) must be applied to the weldment to complete the welding process. This kind of welding has two forms. One is to heat the contact part of the welded metal to the plastic state or localMelting state, and then apply a certain pressure to make the metal atoms combine with each other to form a firm welded joint, such as forging welding, contact welding, friction welding and pneumatic welding. Second, No

For heating, only enough pressure is applied on the contact surface of the welded metal, with the help of the plastic deformation caused by the pressure, so as to make the atoms close to each other and obtain a firm joint. This method includes cold pressure welding and explosive weldingEtc. (mainly used for composite steel plate).

3、 Brazing:It is to use metal materials with lower melting point than the base metal, heat the weldment and solder to a temperature higher than the melting point of solder and lower than the melting point of base metal, wet the base metal with liquid solder, fill the gap between joints and connect with the base metal

A method of connecting Weldments by mutual diffusion. Common brazing methods include soldering iron welding and flame brazing.Detailed explanation of welding Party:

1、 Fusion welding1. Gas welding:

Use oxygen, acetylene or other 4 gas flame to heat the base metal and filler metal to achieve the purpose of welding. The flame temperature is about 3000C. It is applicable to thin workpieces, small diameter pipes, non-ferrous cast iron and brazing.2. Manual arc welding:

The manual I welding method uses the arc as the heat source to melt the weld between the electrode and the base metal, and the arc temperature is about 6000-8000 ° C. It is suitable for welding ferrous metals and some non-ferrous metalsIt is especially suitable for short welds and irregular welds.

3. Submerged arc welding:(automatic and semi braking) the arc burns under the flux area. Granular flux is used as the covering layer of the metal molten pool to isolate the air from entering the molten pool. The welding wire is continuously fed into the arc by the wire feeding mechanism

The welding direction and moving speed of arc are completed manually or mechanically.It is applicable to the welding of straight welds and regular welds of carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel and copper of medium and heavy plate materials.

4. Gas electric welding:(gas shielded welding) arc welding using shielding gas to protect the welding area. The shielding gas acts as the protective layer of the metal molten pool to isolate the air. The gases used include inert gas, reducing gas and oxidizing gas

Gas is suitable for welding carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys. Oxidizing gases are suitable for alloys of carbon steel and alloy steel5. Ion arc welding:

After the gas is ionized in the arc, it is welded with an ultra-high temperature heat source generated by heat shrinkage effect, mechanical shrinkage effect and magnetic shrinkage effect, and the temperature can reach about 20000 C.Shanghai Ruihan Welding Material Co., Ltd. is located in In the first China dream Valley Park in the west of Shanghai Hongqiao International Convention and Exhibition Center, it is committed to the R & D, production and sales of welding materials, and provides overall welding services for various production fields

Solution. Ruihan has many production bases and has reached strategic cooperation with many welding material manufacturers at home and abroad. With the mission of "improving customer service, shortening supply chain and reducing cost", Ruihan serves the pressureManufacturing fields such as containers, chemical equipment, biopharmaceuticals, boilers, electric power, new energy, valves, ships, marine engineering, etc.

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