Introduction of Copper Coated Welding Wire

Copper free solid core welding wire is a high-performance copper free MAG welding wire suitable for manual welding, automatic welding and robot welding.  It can improve users' production efficiency, reduce welding cost and create a cleaner working environment for users.  The production of copper free welding wire reflects the energy conservation and emission reduction scheme proposed in the 12th Five Year Plan and is a national supported project.  The production and application of copper free welding wire is the general trend, or will become the mainstream development trend of welding wire production and application in China.

Compared with the traditional copper plated gas shielded welding wire, the non copper plated solid core welding wire has a series of excellent product characteristics:

1.  Non copper plated welding wire will not cause harm to operators and is harmless to the environment:

Non copper plated welding wire will produce a large amount of copper smoke during work.  If the processing personnel accidentally inhale copper smoke, or cause adverse reactions such as metal smoke heat, chills, elevated body temperature and respiratory stimulation, long-term inhalation can cause pulmonary fibrous tissue hyperplasia.  Copper free welding wire is a welding wire with special process treatment on the surface of welding wire.  It will not produce harmful gas during operation, and can protect operators from copper smoke pollution.  It is a new product to protect ecological environment and human health.

2.  Reliable arc stability:

The average short-circuit transition time of the droplet is shorter than that of the copper plated wire, and can withstand the sharp change of the extension length of the wire during welding.

3.  Small splash, less smoke production:

The droplet at the front end of the welding wire is small, resulting in a small amount of splash.  Even if high current is selected in the welding process, the splash amount can be well controlled, and the working environment has been greatly improved.  Because there is no copper plating, there is almost no copper smoke, which also reduces the generation of smoke.

5.  Stable wire feeding:

Since there is no metal copper coating on the surface, copper chips will not remain in the wire guide tube, and can maintain stable wire feeding for a long time.  It has high welding deposition efficiency.  On the premise of ensuring good wire feeding performance, it reduces the wear of vulnerable parts such as conductive nozzle.  During welding, the welding gun hardly vibrates and there is no copper chip blockage, thus reducing the consumption of spare parts

6.  Non copper plated welding wire has higher strength and better forming than copper plated welding wire.

7.  Excellent rust resistance and conductivity:

Due to the development of new surface treatment methods of welding wire, even without copper plating, the welding wire also has good corrosion resistance and conductivity.

Nowadays, the development of copper free welding wire technology has reached the stage of perfection.  Many enterprises have overcome the technical bottleneck of copper free welding wire by adopting advanced surface coating technology, made breakthrough progress and began mass production;  In the production process, the lubricating antirust oil process is also applied.  This process has excellent antirust effect, good lubrication effect, stable wire feeding and no smoke.  The oil-based lubricant is used as the matrix, and the anti-corrosion agent, brightener, lubricant, passivator and anti discoloration agent are added to polish and passivate the welding wire, so that the welding wire has bright surface and strong anti discoloration ability.  The welding wire can be stored for 3 years after packaging.  Keep it in the air for a month without rusting.

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